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Oceanic Airlines Flight 815, was a scheduled flight from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, United States, on a Boeing 777. On September 22, 2004, the airliner, carrying 324 passengers, deviated from its original course and disappeared somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. 

Two months after the crash, wreckage was found in the Sunda Trench in the Indian Ocean near Bali. With the discovery of the plane, all of the passengers were presumed dead. However, weeks later, six survivors of the crash, including a 5 week old baby were found drifting in a small life boat near the Island of Sumba and became known as the Oceanic Six.

kate austen “lost pilot pt2”

"On September 22, 2004, a groundbreaking new series premiered on ABC. It would become a world-wide phenomenon and an incredible experience for all of us involved. If you find yourself yearning to get lost all over again, you’re not alone. The Lost fanbase is alive and kicking. So here’s to the next ten years of Lost."


september 22, 2004

desmond fails to push the button on time

juliet’s third anniversary on the island

oceanic 815 crashes on the island

the constant

the variable

the candidate


Happy 10th Anniversary

"I’ll see you in another life, brother"


me at school

ahs:coven meme: characters [6/6] → fiona goode